Jaya Shali (evilluckichrm) wrote,
Jaya Shali

why blockbuster sucks and the reason I GOT FIRED

Me: hmm well okay
Me: at blockbuster for the past couple months theres been coupons printing out for customers as part of a lawsuit agreement, class action yadda yadda
Me: free transferable, meaning you can give them to anyone
Al: Oh, okay
Me: stupid customers drop them in the drop box, i take them when i'm checking movies in because hey they're dumb enough to leave them there
Me: give them to my brother
Al: Ut-oh
Me: loss prevention is at my store to detect employee theft because someone's been stealing thousands of dollars worth of games, which we keep behind the counter
Me: something i have nothing to do with
Me: i'm actually probably the only person there that hasnt stolen anything
Al: You keep the money or the games behind the counter?
Me: but they check my brother's account and see all these coupons, since i gave them to him
Me: the games
Me: so it has to be an inside thing
Al: Oh...then how are they stolen? -ha-ha-
Me: i get fired for giving my brother "freely transferable" coupons while whoever's robbing the place blind is still there
Me: employee taking them i guess?
Al: Ohh, okay.
Al: You mean they're SUPPOSED to be behind the counter--but they aren't
Al: I getcha
Me: yeah
Me: my point is though that i got fired lol
Al: Oh yeah, that's awful.
Me: for doing something that's like... not even wrong
Al: --So they think you were the bad guy?
Al: --Or were they just so fed up that they took it out on you b/c it was easy?
Me: and i have to pay blockbuster 44 dollars because thats how much the coupons were worth
Al: Geez
Me: i wasnt accused of stealing anything
Me: but giving away coupons that otherwise would have been thrown out is a crime lol
Al: Such a corrupt oligopoly!
Al: Don't feel bad; I do the same thing.
Al: You're in goodcompany.
Me: im so pissed though
Me: at least i dont have to worth christmas now lol
Al: Who fired you?
Al: The skinny woman or Anthony?
Me: loss prevention guy
Al: Oh, him
Al: Bastard
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