Jaya Shali (evilluckichrm) wrote,
Jaya Shali

new year's crap

I never actually do these but what the hell, I'll make some shit up anyway.

For the new year:

* quit smoking, or at least cut down to just being a social smoker
* be able to run a mile without puking/dying
* keep my bathroom/bedroom spotless
* do all homework and studying in a non-last minute fashion
* find a job that both pays well and I actually like
* save 3/4's of every paycheck
* get a decent car and take good care of it
* stop avoiding new people, particularly guys, that talk to me. I'm not going to get hurt, and if I do, it's better than being lonely.
* stop falling for lazy, undeserving assholes and overlooking the decent guys
* stop settling for guys I'm not terribly interested in, for that matter
* spend more time with my chic friends
* eat healthy/move toward a more vegan-esque diet
* stop with the crack - er, caffeine - because it fucks up my mood and sleep cycle

ten bucks i don't even get to number one.
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